Agua Vilajuïga

A territory value.

Strategic management, creative direction, art direction.

The Ampurdan is tantamount to the tramontana winds, the sea and the mountains. The Ampurdan is history and culture, a land of rootstock and vineyards, twisted olive trees whose roots cling ferociously to the soil. The Ampurdan is also a land of water, water that is collected in the mountains surrounding the plain, water which nourishes lands and rivers. The Ampurdan is its people, families, neighbours… their stories and anecdotes. And using these elements we simply showcased the beauty surrounding this wonderful water, no bells or whistles needed.

The Ampurdan offers a unique pairing that excites the senses, which makes Larsson-Duprez especially proud of being part of this project brimming with humility and respect for nature.

‘You never stop being the way you are, or feeling and experiencing things the way you do’. And a way of being like Aigua Vilajuïga is the outcome of this spontaneity rooted in local customs, and of taking life as it comes.

When your day-day-day wellbeing and happiness are not just chance but simply part of the way you are, that’s when you discover that everything you already have is really all you need.

Oftentimes, doing what you like the best is all you need to feel good. But when this becomes your lifestyle, you start thinking that you may be privileged. And, indeed, happiness is not a fleeting mood in Vilajuïga; it’s a way of life.

When you see what you really value, it fills you, it becomes everything and it turns out to be much closer than you thought. You cherish it even more.

Garbet beach harbours a magic like Aigua Vilajuïga. Its calmness, its centuries-old shore boulders, its honest tramontana wind, its energy… To the residents of Vilajuïga, Garbet is a unique, singular spot which connects with heart and soul and inspires a feeling that’s difficult to put into words.