Agua Vilajuïga

Gastronomic water, unique, limited and singular.

Strategic management, creative direction, art direction, digital strategy.
Salva López

There are brands, and then there are love brands. There are waters, and then there is Aigua Vilajuïga.

This is a project brimming with honesty, passion and sensibility, one that generates contents and personal relations. What more could you ask of a brand?

Guiding the owners and management in their relaunch of this iconic water: unique, rare and singular. Interacting and falling in love with the mythical titans of gastronomy. Conceptualising and defining the strategy, participating in the design, defining the communication plan, managing the brand communication at all levels… all this makes us much more than just a mere agency or studio. We feel like part of the soul of this brand. Naturally carbonated mineral water, the energy driving our work. Water with just a touch of bubbles.

Aigua Vilajuïga is not just a brand: it actually represents a village in the county of the Alt Empordà, right in the heart of Girona’s Costa Brava. To relaunch this century-old brand, which has held the same values since 1904, an honest tone of communication was chosen, and the contents were brought to the fore: natural scenes of an anonymous village that could be anywhere, and therein lies its beauty. It features the story of this water, the advent of the new bottle, the village and its people. Most importantly, it is an homage to local life.

The new Vilajuïga brand was birthed with full respect for its water and its source. An unpretentious, discreet way of being and living springs from the humility, simplicity and honesty of a village, with a clear nod to tradition as a century-old water. Vilajuïga is a quiet brand, just like the village. It is friendly and approachable, just like the villagers. It holds dear the perennial values of a village and its water, which inspired the brand relaunch inspired by sheer admiration of what it represents.