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‘See and share anything that is happening anywhere in the world live’. That was the idea that we presented to Mobile World Congress in 2014. Shortly thereafter, Periscope democratised the phase ‘video live streaming’. And rest is history.

Eyetok was founded with a social B2C approach: ‘I (my mobile phone) can be your eyes’. It is a mobile application pre-5G which enables you to see streamed videos and share them with followers. The project pivoted around a more solid B2B approach and a clear business model: a tool and platform that would allow brands, media, events and others get live content generated by their fans and followers  (UGCI) to feed their channels, drastically lowering broadcasting costs and reaching where others can’t even faster.
Live video is the kind of content that generates the most engagement and credibility for brands and media.

For 5 years this was our agency’s project and our own personal project, with our sights set 24/7 on technological disruption, start-ups, growth hacking, inbound marketing… Always with an eye on innovation.

Live is life! Life is live!