Chocolates Torras - 2021 Illustrators Campaign


Strategic management, creative direction, art direction, digital strategy.
Vero Navarro, Paola Villanueva, Carmen García.
David Susko

Defining a territory for a brand, coming up with a creative concept and laying out a strategy. What more could we ask in a world as delightful as chocolate?

Building the brand day after day, seeking sales channels and doing this in an atmosphere of honesty, sensibility and spontaneity: as natural as the concept of ‘naturalness’.

A brand story for campaigns, social media, interacting with brand fans and sales campaigns. Brand experiences which enable us to gain more experience in brands.

Each of us experiences naturalness in a different way, and that is the root of this campaign for people who like to live naturally. It’s a campaign for people who believe in good chocolate, especially when it’s good for both people and the planet. To create it, we approached four talented illustrators and asked them to express the Naturalness of Chocolates Torras in an emotional, organic and highly visual manner. A feeling of belonging.