Barcelona Town Hall

Barcelona inspires.

Strategic management, creative direction, art direction, digital strategy.
Carles Carabí

Who hasn’t dreamed about working for their city’s brand? It’s simultaneously their home and a destination that so many people dream of…

What is the story that best sells a place? Place branding is brand communication with a shot of institutional ingredients, but mostly emotional ones. Barcelona is not a capital city. It’s not the financial capital or the fashion capital or the capital of creativity (like London, Paris, Milan, etc.). But it does have a bit of everything, and something the others don’t have: location and climate. Therefore, it’s a big city with many of the benefits of a capital. Barcelona is a city that inspires. But how and where do you tell about this? Our proposal won them over with its creative concept: the creation of a modular identity that enhanced this value and a strategy with the contact points that could best influence the target audience.