Agua Vilajuïga

Talent with a few gas points.

Strategic management, creative direction, art direction, digital strategy.
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Being able to participate in this project alongside the great titans of gastronomy is truly a privilege. Talent and humility, effort and perseverance are just many of the virtues surrounding them. Cooking and creativity, craftsmanship and strategy go hand in hand, whether it be in a kitchen or an agency. Ultimately, everything is cooked up, and often that’s the least of it. We realised that we have so much in common, and this truly motivated us. It was a pleasure to learn from you.

Jordi Roca. El Celler de Can Roca.

Jordi Roca’s reputation as a pastry chef is upheld on creativity, ingenuity and sheer brilliance. Larsson-Duprez and Aigua Vilajuïga admired his ability to transform absolutely any ingredient into the main element of a dessert, and this is why we gave him the challenge of creating desserts which featured Aigua Vilajuïga. Behind this dessert shrouded in mystery, with just a touch of bubbles, lies a burning passion for a job well done, the pleasure of delicious food and the intricacy of using such a unique product as Aigua Vilajuïga.

Jordi Cruz. ABaC.

Aigua Vilajuïga pairs perfectly with Jordi Cruz’s professionalism, creativity and ambition. In his own words, ‘It’s an authentic water thanks to its concept: because it is a mineral water, and because of its slightly metallic note, its light bubbles. It is a magical water that adds a delightful touch to whatever you cook’.

In late 2019, representatives of Vilajuïga along with Jordi Cruz hosted a water tasting with journalists, professional gastronomes and the top sommeliers in the country. After the tasting, the guests went to ABaC, Jordi’s restaurant, where they were treated to a gourmet tasting menu in which Vilajuïga water was the common thread featured in the dishes. Jordi Cruz used Aigua Vilajuïga to craft haute cuisine dishes, while also imprinting them with the unique personality that has taken him so far.

Hermanos Torres. Cocina Hermanos Torres.

When you team up charisma and ambition, risk and boldness, the outcome is a transgressive, unique cooking style, adjectives that could just as easily be applied to Aigua Vilajuïga. On the occasion of the Gastronomic Forum of Barcelona, the Torres brothers were asked to teach a master class on ‘Cooking with Water’ and thus tear down the last barriers. They created three recipes which featured Aigua Vilajuïga. The outcome was three inventions: a cocktail, an appetiser and a dessert, all of which were 100% natural, 100% Vilajuïga, emanating from his unmistakable talent and a wholly natural mineral water with just a touch of bubbles.

Ferran Adrià, founder of the El Bulli Foundation.

Ferran Adrià is the adoptive father of Aigua Vilajuïga. A global touchstone in the world of fine cuisine, he totally shifted our understanding of gastronomy. Ferran has always been a staunch defender of water as an important element in a meal, and Aigua Vilajuïga was yet another diner at the table during the heyday of his restaurant, ElBulli.

‘More than anything else, Aigua Vilajuïga is a mystery. There is something mysterious about it that makes it magical’. Ferran Adrià.

Since closing El Bulli, Ferran Adrià has devoted himself body and soul to his brainchild, El Bulli Foundation, where he is developing a collection of encyclopaedias to compile all the knowledge he gained over those years using the Sapiens method. Aigua Vilajuïga and Ferran have been a team for some years now: they have watched each other grow and change. And it is in part thanks to this that the unique, rare and singular Aigua Vilajuïga has become a gourmet water. And we, in turn, have helped spread the word.