We are not
another agency,
we are another kind
of agency.

We build moments and brand personality through identity design, creative concepts, content narrative and communication strategies.

We approach positioning, identity and brand communication challenges from a business point of view, focusing on people and using data, trends and technology to deliver powerful and meaningful campaigns. Add art, culture, design and sustainability to the mix… and a little of our own crazy ideas.

To do what others do, there are the others.

Perceiving the insight, trusting intuition and pointing out the path to follow with good judgement and vision. Designing rock-solid strategies and creating fluid concepts to impact, inspire and persuade. Combining heart and data, today’s most powerful allies. There’s no need to fear the new environment.

Ideas that flow into memorable and relevant concepts that stand out in this a/effective brand communication paradigm in constant r/evolution. Uncomfortable makes us grow.

Creativity ain’t magic. It is perceiving life as it is, and imagining how it could be. Data talks too. But numbers are only cold when they say what you didn’t expect. Measuring is key; measuring emotions to make sense of it all is what makes more sense. The best KPI is client satisfaction at the end of a project.


“The best campaigns are created by our clients” The closer we are to making the decision, the better the results. It’s the enthusiasm, knowledge and good judgement of a group of people who deeply believes in this new paradigm for brands that keeps us going. Fourteen years ago we said: A brand takes a stand by standing out.



Oskar Vidal Larsson.
Co-Founder & Executive
Creative Director.



Bruno Saguer Duprez.
Co-Founder & Strategy


Soledad Costa.
Art Director.


Ana Valera.
Art Director.


Laura Costa.
Graphic Design.


Our clients aren’t really our own… Brands belong to people, customers and followers. We have evolved from different areas of expertise, different industries and all kind of different projects, from tactical to strategic ones. The beauty resides in combining an overall vision with a specialized execution. Isn’t it wonderful?